In 2012, a major portion of the Benner Memorial Park project was completed. While new playground equipment, basketball court, baseball field, walking path and other items are now in place for use by the residents and general public, the park continues to be a “work in progress”.

Most recently in 2014, a new pavilion was built and a message center was installed.

As a result of a meeting that was held in late January of 2015, future plans call for the  construction of a dog park later this year.  Planning is also continuing for the eventual addition of a “tot lot” area for younger children to play and the extension of the walking path to Union Street for easy access.

As a result of these and other future plans, the Richlandtown Parks & Recreation Board anticipates the need to raise additional funds to complete all of the proposed elements within the park.  The committee is striving to complete all aspects of this project with minimal use of our Borough’s limited financial resources.

To help with the funding of this very important project, please consider making a contribution towards the completion of this “showpiece” in Northern Bucks County. Contributors, both individual and corporate, are welcome to contribute.  Each will be recognized for their financial assistance in achieving these efforts.

If you wish to make a contribution to this project, we accept cash, check and for added convenience, we are now offering PayPal payments for Sponsorship!  Once payment is received, we will contact you to make arrangements for item sponsorship.

Donation Size
Name to Appear on Equipment
Contact (Give phone/e-mail)

Name recognition within the park begins with a $100 contribution to the fund, where you will be listed on our recognition plaque. Beyond that, individual items will have plaques on them in the name of an individual, family, business, or in memorial for the life of the item (trees that die as a result of transplanting will be replaced).

If you have it in your heart but not your budget to sponsor the park, please feel free to donate at ANY level!  We welcome any and all donations towards the fund.  One hundred $5 donations is much better than no donations!

**Please note, there are limited “items” within the park.  Sponsorship is first come first serve.  If the item you choose has been fully sponsored, we will work out arrangements for name placement with you (ie: name larger on recognition plaque level 2,3).

Thank you for your help and continued support!
Richlandtown Parks & Recreation Board